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All About Me

Our story began when Milene and Daniel had the fantastic idea of opening a Flower, Plant, and Gift Shop in Seaford.

Daniel has been in the floristry industry for over 25 years. He has worked for many flower shops in London and has extensive experience as a Senior Florist. There is no limit to Daniel's creativity; he creates the most beautiful floral designs.

Milene is a Plant Lover. Her home is full of plants that have supported her Mental Health during the lockdown. After trying to buy some new pots for her plants and not finding many options in the area, she thought how lovely it would be a new flower shop at our doorstep.


The Flowers and Pots Boutique was born to provide products and services of high quality. It is your place for stylish bouquets, plants, pots, vases, unique gifts, and more. 

Flowers and Pots Boutique opens seven days a week. Please come to visit us at 19 High Street, Seaford.

Green and Purple Succulents


07718.130.826 or 01323.897.082



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